A Whole New Way to Count Pills and Tablets

  • Interfaces with pharmacy software
  • Counts all tablets, capsules, and most translucent gelcaps
  • Detects pill fragments
  • Assists with identifying incorrect pills
  • Premium drug data (MediSpan®)
  • Track-and-Trace with GS1 data matrix
  • Unit-of-Use for bulk counting and inventory
  • Brand and generic equivalent substitutions (GPI)
  • Captures and saves images of every count
  • Logs all transactions
  • Verifies prescriptions
  • Unmatched speed and accuracy
  • No database maintenance or pill training required


Advanced Counting Made Simple

Easily dispense tablets and get instant results. Every count is continuously verified so that you never second-guess your script.

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More speed, more accuracy, more functions, and more everything.

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The VIVID Universal HL7 interface is compatible with most pharmacy management software providers. When the interface is enabled Rx transactions are automatically sent to the VIVID for counting. When the count is finished, the VIVID sends an acknowledgment to the pharmacy software with the count quantity and tray image.
Detects pill fragments and assists with identifying incorrect pills. Alerts to heaps and desiccants.
Access to premium drug data with images, descriptors, and detailed data, including strength, class, package size, and more. Updated automatically in your VIVID Plus account..
Track & Trace with GS1 Data Matrix: NDC, LOT, Expiration Date, and Serial Number.
Unit-of-Use for bulk pill counting and inventory. Count blister packs, inhalers, creams drops, liquids, and more.
Brand and generic equivalent substitutions via the Generic Product Identifier (GPI).
Our patented algorithm combined with powerful image processing guarantees the utmost accuracy and counting reliability.
An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed. Photo documentation can be easily retrieved by scanning the Rx or NDC number and exporting it to PDF.
The result is continuously updated, processed, and verified.
The count is displayed instantly in 200 milliseconds and updated in real-time at the rate of 5 times per second.
Easily track user and workstation activity. VIVID operators can quickly login with a PIN or password. User activity is always logged in the transaction reports. Easily configure login type and login rules such as auto-logout time and admin access.
All transactions are logged and stored in the user’s online cloud account. Each transaction includes Date, Time, User ID, Rx No., Quantity, and Drug Information. Transactions can be easily sorted by user, date, or location and exported to a PDF or CSV file.
Counts can be verified before filling by scanning the barcode on the Rx label and ensuring that it matches the NDC barcode on the medication stock bottle.
The Quick Count mode allows for counting pills and tablets with no barcode scanning, calibration, or pill training. Ideal for counting unbarcoded pills and tablets.
Set hard stops and force double counts of DEA classified drugs. Choose which classifications need to be double-counted (CII, CIII, CIV, CV).
Use Single Scan to instantly retrieve the Rx No., Drug Information, and Rx Size. The Single Scan format is easily configured in just a few simple steps to match your prescription label barcode.
Partially filled prescriptions are tracked and managed in the Cloud account.
NDC database is included with every VIVID and automatically synced via the internet with every FDA update. No internet? No problem. The database can be stored locally on the machine.


The Pill Counter you want with the features you need.

The Pill Counter you want with the features you need.
Easily monitor and manage your pharmacy pill counting activity through an intuitive dashboard that can be accessed from the VIVID or any device. Set up an unlimited amount of users, locations, and administrators. Easily sort through transactions and view counting stats. Monitor counting transactions across multiple pharmacies or workstations in a single account.
Fast and responsive 2D barcode scanner conveniently built-in to the unit allows for effortless scanning of your prescription labels and NDC stock bottle barcodes.
A large 9.5 x 8in (76” sq) tray allows for high capacity counting. Our patented tray surface ensures that pills and tablets quickly disperse on the tray for optimum speed and accuracy.
10.1-inch touch capacitive display combined with our user-friendly app makes the VIVID one of the most intuitive and user-friendly pill counters on the market.
No complicated menus or hard to understand settings. The VIVID was designed for the modern pharmacy workflow. It’s fun, easy-to-use, and simple to configure.
The VIVID measures only 14” x 14”! It’s only 196” sq and easily fits on any pharmacy bench or counter ranging from 34 to 36 inches. It was purposefully designed with human factors in mind to make sure it's comfortable to use and optimized for the standing height of any user.
Our intelligent shaking mechanism assists in dispensing large heaps or pill clusters for increased speed and accuracy. The shaker automatically adjusts its intensity to the pill size.
The VIVID meets the standards and requirements for safe handling of hazardous drugs as defined by USP General Chapter <800>.
Easily connects to the internet via Ethernet or any WiFi network. Equipped with USB for downloading Image Log transactions.
The VIVID does not require pill training, calibration, or database maintenance. There is no disassembly or special care required to keep the unit up and running.
No hidden fees or subscriptions. All software updates including new features and functions are 100% FREE and pushed to every VIVID connected to the internet.
Get best-in-class durability and reliability. The VIVID is made with premium components and built for the long-haul. A 64GB SSD drive and 4GB of RAM guarantee powerful performance..
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Familiar Automation

The VIVID combines pharmacy automation with the familiarity of your classic pill counting tray.

Counting and dispensing is effortless. Simply tilt the tray to place the pills into the dispensing tubes and easily transfer the pills to the patient’s vial. The VIVID is equipped with two easy to handle dispensing tubes for left and right-handed operation.

Use the spatula to quickly adjust for excess, or easily sweep the pills from the tray, then snap your spatula to the VIVID to keep it secure and always accessible.

No space? No problem!

Ideal for space-constrained pharmacies that need workstation-class performance and reliability.

In the box

VIVID Pill Counter

Equipped with more than 20 pill counting features and functions. Built in barcode scanner, a 10.1-inch touch capacitive display, Ethernet, and USB.

Counting Tray

Patented count tray designed with an extra-large counting surface measuring 9.5 x 8in (76” sq) designed to optimize counting speed, accuracy, and count size.

Hazardous Tray

Hazardous drugs tray designated for counting pills and tablets that require special handling of hazardous drugs (HDs) included in Table 1 of the most current National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Dispensing Tubes

Two sets of dispensing tubes for left and right-handed operation for easy transition of countied pills to the patient’s vial or stock bottle.


Magnetic spatula designed to adjust for excess pills or tablets, and easily sweep the pills from the tray into one of the dispensing tubes.

Wi-Fi Antennas

Two antennas for wireless connectivity of the VIVID pill counter to the internet through your local network.



Counting Apparatus Photo Optical Object Recognition
Accuracy 99.99%
Counting Surface Area 9.5” x 8”
Count Capacity Varies by pill size (Optimized for 200-300)
Countable Pills Counts 99% of your pharmacy’s formulary. Including most translucent pills and gelcaps.
It cannot detect pills with obscure shapes. See Details
Interface HL7 (Health Level Seven) | VIVID Universal with custom ZUI | Compatible with most Pharmacy Management System Software providers.
Barcode Scanner Built-in 2D Barcode Scanner
Supported Barcode Formats: QR Code, Micro QR, DataMatrix, Aztec Code, Maxi
Screen 10.1" Capacitive Touch
Shaking Mechanism Semi-Automatic
Communication Ports Wi-Fi | USB (A type) | RJ45 Ethernet
Operating System Windows 10
Power 100 – 240 VAC 1.6A 47-63 Hz
Dimensions 14” (L) x 14”(W) x 22.5” (H)
Weight 30 lb
Warranty 12 Months